The long journey begins with the small step of Your car Health Check, not the turn of the ignition key…..

Kubik Auto Care was born few years back  when the passion for cars, knowledge and experience in Auto Repairs had to be put to a good use in serving Local Community.

Relying on good friendships and repetitive custom, we do all in our power to provide an individual care to each personal circumstance and budget when fixing Your runner.

100% Labour Guarantee – means Kubik stands by the quality of the job performed.

Non- Obligatory Quotes – means Kubik won’t chase you for the business, after the quote is provided. Please, always shop around. You are the paying Customer, hence must get the best for Your cash.

Budget Friendly Service – means  Kubik will put a plan together, ensuring the cost of the repairs doesn’t add an extra pressure to your finances.

Happy Customer – means You.

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