Full Service

Full Service is recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.

This option includes more extensive checklist compare to Interim Service and meets the requirements of most manufactures.


Check condition of number plates, exterior mirrors
  • Check clutch operation (Manual Vehicles Only)
Check and top up under bonnet fluids
  • Carry out battery and alternator inspection
Check brake fluid level
Replace engine oil and oil filter
Inspect the operation and condition of all exterior lights and horn
  • Check condition of fan, PAS and auxiliary belts (not cam belt)
  • Check operation of washers and wipers
  • Check condition and operation of front and rear brake pads/discs/drums
  • Check exhaust system for security and leaks
  • Inspect steering and suspension joints for condition and security
  • Inspect mountings and gaiters for condition and security
Inspect tyres condition
Check hand brake operation
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace cabin filter


Our Full Service Price starts from £49.00 + VAT, depending on the vehicle engine size, specifications.  Options for Budget or Premium Parts Available.