Major Service

Major Service is recommended every 24 months or 20,000 miles whichever comes first.

This option includes an extensive checklist and thorough inspection of your vehicle.


  • Check condition of number plates, exterior mirrors
  • Check clutch operation (Manual Vehicles Only)
  • Check and top up under bonnet fluids
Carry out battery and alternator inspection
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Inspect the operation and condition of all exterior lights and horn
  • Check condition of fan, PAS and auxiliary belts (not cam belt)
  • Check operation of washers and wipers
  • Check condition and operation of front and rear brake pads
  • Check exhaust system for security and leaks
  • Inspect steering and suspension joints for condition and security
  • Inspect mountings and gaiters for condition and security
  • Inspect tyres condition
  • Check hand brake operation
  • Replace air filter
Replace cabin filter
  • Check security of fuel lines, brake pipes and hand brake cables
Inspect condition of windscreen
  • Carry out under body inspection
Check wheel bearings for noise, roughness
  • Lubricate under bonnet catches
  • Check operation of all interior warning lights
  • Inspect engine and gearbox mount for wear
Reset service lights (most models)
  • Replace spark plugs (petrol vehicle only, standard set of 4)
Replace fuel filter
  • Lubricate door catches if required
  • Check operation of all interior switches
Inspect condition of fuel cap
  • Test security and cranking of starter motor
Visual inspection of radiator, coolant pipes/hoses for security and leaks
  • Check engine cooling fan for operation
  • Carry out road test

Our Major Service Price starts from £79.00 + VAT, depending on the vehicle engine size, specifications. Options for Budget or Premium Parts Available.